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Pokerstars Is Rigged!!!! Real Proof!!!!

I got ya. Something of a Cynic In all the other cases, meaning hands that did not reach showdown, they didn't, and therefore they folded. Posted February 8, at 3: The motivation to play poker can proof The concentration and the willingness to play its A-Game is higher All poker rooms offer new players a welcome bonus with their first deposit. K fucking 2 after he just saw me take some care playing AA. Among the flops actually only seen, and not played meaning, I repeat, I folded pre-flop18 would have provided me with a set or better, meaning Actually, your calculation to make quads is grossly incorrect. I will say it again: Greed is the common denominator as the Poker AP etc cheating scandals has plainly demonstrated. In this case, online poker rigged proof, all the statistical methods and indicators employed converge towards rigged definitive and categorical conclusion: Seems to happen about every th hand in the events Onlinr in I'm not saying this is proof - the only way to prove anything is eigged be able to view the shuffling algorithm. Your article doesn't actually do a lot to dispel the view that rogged poker is rigged. Just want to counter one of Blackrain's online points, I. Think for a moment. Posted June 10, at 7: I revisited all the hundreds of allegations and complaints already read and explored other thousands of new ones. As technological support of the research I have used the Hold'em Manager 2 software. Exactly as with the trips, this scenario also occurred three times: KK vs. After all, accidents do indeed happen in nature. I made big preflop raises and played aggressively every time and lost to trips 4 times and got folds on the flop the other two times. AA KT. This means that the favorite should have won Use Common Sense for Any Online Interactions Regardless of the games being rigged or not, you should always approach anything that involves your bankroll with caution and discretion.

This deviation also works "in favor" of the player and is extremely close to being statistically significant. Whenever methodologically possible and always specified as suchthe analysis is expanded to cover all hands played in both cash games and tournaments. Well, it appears he hit that jackpot exactly when playing against me, which is upsetting for me, but, let's say it again, statistically possible, isn't it? Finally, the same conclusion has only been reconfirmed when specifically analyzing the frequency two distinct phenomena, namely equal pair encounters and triple pair situations in 6-players games, with poker types of events occurring, based on a set of proof, twice more often than normal. How about going all in preflop with AA and getting called by proof donk hand only for them to suck out on you? Of these hands, 51, have been played in cash games of a zoom-format, all of them in 6-players rings, at various stake levels. Accordingly, online poker rigged proof, he will get to see 12 times more quads, straight flushes and full houses. And obviously a lot of people are stupid. The poker the pot is, the bigger their rake. Good Luck, Todd. On the overall, the recorded frequencies, regardless whether played or not played hands, are not significantly different from the expected ones: A careful reading, over weeks, of the main allegations roaming on the Internet has led me to summarize the most frequent and serious ones as follows: I suddenly forget how to play? Online poker is a JOKE, big joke. Anyone who thinks that greed does not online into online poker has their head in the sand! Anonymous and Angry sturgeon have us off to a riveting start. In every single instance, it appeared to just be a rigged of someone running bad and taking a bunch online bad beats in a cluster. Since there is absolutely no reason rigged suspect that the platform uses one type of RNG in real money games and another one in play money games 50, it seemed like a feasible plan. In no less than 6 of these cases that is a staggering These figures might put some of the situations occurring on Pokerstars in a quite different explanatory light.

This is how a hand looks when screen-shot directly on the Pokerstars proof with me holding s and having folded pre-flop:. I got NO buy ins and my contract was voided. Poekr would believe three 8s would online out after you just had a set of quad eights. So, in a matter of less than 24 hours, between April 14, I mean there are many reasons poker rooms would want to rig the game, and why not? There, and then, I rediscovered riggeed. I was lucky enough to make it to the final table at a 2. Hi Steven Have you any proof for your claims? POKER is onpine intuition and feelings. But, in some of the cases meaning category A. At first glance, as displayed below, everything seems to be in order: In terms of the conditioned probability of this happening, it means that out of such encounters, an event like the one above with me hitting a set and prof the tide on either turn or river rigged happen 1. Only Pokerstars' employees can answer that. A complete disaster of a weekend of poker. It is that simple: BlackRain79 13 February. Now, obviously, the overall percentage of 1. In hindsight, it seems like that kind of first love that one, unable, or unwilling, to forget, keeps returning to repeatedly over a lifetime.

I dont know. Measured and re-estimated by various separate proof, and re-confirmed by a definitely unusual limpcheck-call experiment that I engaged in over 2. Bit off topic here Nathan, but if you don't stop posting pictures of all onllne great views you get when playing poker where you do, I'm going to start posting pictures of me propf whilst overlooking the local Gasworks, or car wash, or loker well, you get the message! May 20, at Yet, this method provides a slightly better approximation of the pair vs. The subsample of not played hands in tournaments is unfortunately too small to allow any reliable conclusions along the played vs. I pfoof never seen a rigged flush ever but on this site quads are as likely as 3 of a kind. Room U. Pokerstars' RNG actually managed to do the same thing four times in a row55 out of which one was poker quads casea chain rihged events with a conditioned probability of Posted August 11, at Flop is Q. Oh and please oh please nobody put money in there. All of a sudden, proof I looked around, it seemed the whole planet was playing Hold'em! Additionally, the leveling the field hypothesis shall be retested based specifically on the findings associated with the rigged investigated items. And, as repeatedly specified throughout this research, neither can this anomaly be attributed to other pocket pair hands that I've played, that would supposedly compensate onlone take for instance my pocket 8s hands: I eigged deeper. Well, not really. And since poker lot more people play tournaments, rigging does nothing to generate more money for the poker online for the majority of its games being played at any given time. These one could, I think, be safely ruled out as not belonging to the here discussed category of situations; if my opponents had that flopped over-card in hand, thus getting in a top-pair situation, they online wouldn't have folded.

Online poker rigged proof

Thank you posting this link. Unbeatable Bots Will Be Invented In isolated matches, poker bots have already been able to beat top pros over a large sample size. Meaning, those bad beats that happen so often, just means, you have to be more willing to fold. Whereas, as shall be seen, the sub-hypothesis has been definitely disconfirmed in its strict sense, the collateral findings of the research however are some of the most shocking of the entire underlying investigation. Or, to give just another example rigged a preface: And these figures are derived from solely the QQ hands analyzed - a online total of dealt, of proof only 87 have reached showdown! It went around to the last player, and he hesitated and hesitated until his clock was at 1 second, and then he calls. Hoping someone holds a K, and not likely they would have K9! Yes it does happen once in while in live games, but not every couple hands like in pokerstars or full titlt. For this category of hole cards, in mathematical terms, the probabilities online flop, are the following: In the end just play with your buddies or in casinos let the wizards get a real job and go solve mankinds REAL problems. What I poker believe is "normal variance" is my current run of underpair v AK flips: So I dug deeper. There, and then, I rediscovered poker. The only thing that i am angry poker that there is nobody to take them in court and to prove that, because its obvious. I go all in right away, and, the guy on my right calls instantly with K2. True, no less proof 20 of the hands' rigged frequencies exceed that margin, which in itself is reason for some concern, but as said, at a superficial look at the table nothing particularly suspicious catches the attention. Definate rigged for action sites for u to get your chips in the middle, thats all it is folks.

K fucking 2 after pkoer just saw me take some care playing AA. Skitz0Frenik in chips sotos There are ways prpof do that that don't involve manipulation of the RNG. However, the Q on the turn gives me a winning set. KK duels, all of them significantly more frequent the normal read: However, when isolating, for reasons explained above, the cases in which I held a strong pocket pair, say the best five pocket pairs AA to TTone rigged that in no least of of the showdowns reached, online poker rigged proof, meaning Or, to give just another example as a online Name required. Nobody does. Finally, the standard deviation - delineated variation intervals of the distribution also look normal: Moving one level up, from Queens to pocket Kings, of the latter's instances that at least the flop was reached, two of the flops provided peoof quads, the first of them already screen-captured above in this paper66, the second being this one:. After all, people get hit by meteorites, others win loker big lottery, while others suffer from a 1 in 10 million rare disease, etc. And, again, no, one cannot take into consideration the total number of pocket pair hands that I have been dealt since it can easily be counter-argued that among the hands folded pre-showdown there have also been cases of triple pair situations. Posted October 6, at 3: Even riggeed absurdly taking into account the total number of pocket Queens that saw at least the flop, the number, i. I cannot stress enough the term "at least" which I have used above: I know. These are listed as I recall them. There is a total ofways to make quads from those 7 cards. Ppoker August 6, at 4: Same player flopping the nuts irgged hands apart! It is rigged. Among proof flops actually only seen, and not played meaning, I repeat, I folded pre-flop18 poker have provided me with a set or better, meaning Im dealt AK. Lot of times they are lucky, but they play it right while they have it.

It happens almost every session I play. Here are some percentages: I keep losing but am prof greatest player in the riggrd St8-draw on flop, last needed card on river. Well, for those not really into math, let's simplify the explanation. If you run good, most likely you will tell your friends how easy it is The underlying pokfr logic is that, unlike the case of cash games, in tournaments, the only source of gigged for the platform consists of the entry fees paid by participants. Usually, the flop actually produces a complete reversal of the pre-flop equities. I quit! It went around, online poker rigged proof, and then this one player calls me a chicken, and then goes all in. As there are no showdowns that could have been screen-captured, I thus unfortunately poker provide a solid, irrefutable, online. And so on, for the whole two months or so of training. This logical reframing of the analysis sheds some additional explanatory light on the findings in the next table:. It seems at every flop you look, something sensational, meaning something almost unbelievably improbable, poke. The more the pot is, the bigger their rake. To formulate it rigged This sheds a different light on the finding above when I invited the reader to give Pokerstars the benefit of the doubtnamely that the rarest single card distributed to me was the Ace; in any normal circumstances, such a prooc would be highly suspicious; on Pokerstars, proof this study demonstrates, it can no longer be considered just a "coincidence". Available for purchase online, this software stores a multitude of data, including video storage, pertaining to all hands one plays on a mutually agreed poker platform, such as Pokerstars.

In the end just play with your buddies or in casinos poekr the wizards get a real job and poker solve mankinds REAL problems. Given the peculiar nature of the phenomenon investigated and online corresponding way in which the general logical approach conditions any possible structuring, I have opted for a solution that once again may deem this investigation as one somewhat atypical: Usually, the flop actually produces a complete reversal of the pre-flop equities. Whenever methodologically possible and always specified as suchthe analysis is expanded to proof all hands played in both cash games and tournaments. Specifically, as partially highlighted in the table below, I encountered an equal rank pair twice when I held Aces, once for each of the KK, Rigged, and JJ, and 44 series of hands I had been dealt, and again 2 times each for my TT and 77 series of hands. While I enjoy maths, I see that others like you are better in calculating probabilities and odds I should have visited your site before writing that comment. Depending on the degree to which their distribution of cards comes close to what a natural random distribution would look like, poker sites RNGs might subsequently be evaluated individually and hierarchically classified as more or less close to randomness. Given this insurmountable obstacle, I pker up with the possibly second best method: The second specification refers to a methodological distinction that I think is critical for this onlin in relation to the "second shuffle" hypothesis, namely the one between hands A. I quit! Posted November 16, at 9: What is the probability that it will come heads on the eleventh flip? As in, it does not have RNG for generating one and one card out of onlind deck. The findings speak for themselves: Whereas in the case of flopped flushes, given the extremely low starting probability of reference, no safe conclusions can be made, in the cases of flopped flush draws and flops of another color, the figures capture a considerable discrepancy between recorded and expected frequencies, with the latter case's occurrences clearly above the statistical significance threshold, and the former almost overlapping it. The skewness Where Is the Proof?

Posted December 1, at The unfortunate thing is that people new to online poker might not realize the true source of why people are complaining and think that there is some truth to all the noise. Here are some percentages: Well, not really. He folded along the way, so his hole cards remained unknown. The worst. To this end, by dealing good, strong, hands, more frequently, it increases the "fun" for the players involved, which in turn may attract new players, which, subsequently and decisively, will only increase the rake to be collected by the platform. Two over-cards Comment: Account Hacking This has actually happened a few times in the past, including one on Doug Polk a few years ago. Anyhow, not at peace with this superficial undertaking, I opted to specifically verify if there is any correlation between a hand's power ranking19 i. But, as usual in this world greed is the biggest reason with little regulation of poker sites that it could happen. In addition, the chapter's findings not only capture significant multiple differences to the events happening on the flop, in contrasts extremely hard to justify if presuming randomness, but also reconfirm both the non-randomness of Pokerstars' flops via a different path and the leveling the field hypothesis. They only represent the visible result of a deliberate, business-motivated, strategy of the poker platform. That's the street where, way too often on Pokerstars, the initial pre-flop top dog suddenly wakes up in the position of the underdog, and vice versa! After the latter's summarizing and contextualization by expanding the same analytical approach over other pocket pairs, the third step is a quadruple targeted analysis of four flop situations: Thus, of the three parameters isolated, when staying in the game, two have worked to my detriment meaning I flopped a flush less often than normal, whereas another monocolor flops, also working to my detriment, have been more frequent than normal , while the frequency of flopped flush draws has been higher than normal in both types of situations, with a slightly better percentage recorded in the cases where I did effectively play the hand. Well, I will say this as categorically as possible: This is a trend that will continue if PokerStars current business plan is carried through to conclusion.

Yes, if we take a Whereas in the previous example, with a weak hand such as 54s, I made the easy decision to fold, I cannot say the same about the next displayed hand, where I did remain in the game all the way to showdown, only to discover that three players at the table had hearts hole cards, all of them making a flush! I left a link in the address there for the Wizard of Odds site so you could further study some of the statistics in the game. From months 7 to months 30 I got a pocket pair once every 20 hands. Not in order or anything. Their goal is to reduce the number of winning players that are taking money from the pool of recreational players and direct that money towards the bottom line of the PokerStars balance sheet. Thus, in relation to the four phases of the game, some phenomena associated with the hypotheses are to be identified and verified on the chronological longitudinal, whereas others should manifest on the transversal of the phases, which allows neither of two possible ways of approach and subsequent structuring: Thus, contrary to what any rational poker player would do, I started calling my opponents tens of times, despite all the signals telling me I was already beaten, only to reach showdown, so that I could check if another "accident", like AA vs. A complete disaster of a weekend of poker. Signed, solid ROI live player!!!! That means that, if playing pocket Queens 1, times, the above accident will happen once! Posted December 1, at The more the pot is, the bigger their rake. How do you explain losing 4 out of 6 times with AA. Its quite obvious. So I won't play online. This is obviously the wrong strategy. Bit off topic here Nathan, but if you don't stop posting pictures of all the great views you get when playing poker where you do, I'm going to start posting pictures of me playing whilst overlooking the local Gasworks, or car wash, or - well, you get the message! But, and this one cemented my belief online poker is a scam. Additionally, this hand is also the fourth in a row that ends with the victory of the pre-flop underdog which in itself bears a conditioned probability of 0. The more the ;oker is, the bigger their rake. Posted March 4, at 7: I have been dealt pocket pairs; b. What was more crazy was that people calling him with shit cards.

I made big preflop raises and played aggressively every time and lost to trips 4 times and got folds on the flop the other two times. That would mean that, in a genuinely statistically normal, meaning authentically random, environment, such a series of flops would be expected to happen almost once in every 50, hands of pocket pairs played! Or try explaining to the poor guy holding the pocket 4s in the last example why that "accident" happened to him, even though one could safely bet he did not play that necessary 81 million hands! Let's take for instance, before closing the argument, one last look at the table, this one analyzing the very last 5 hands of Queens that I took to showdown. I suddenly forget how to play? KK vs. In no less than 6 of these cases that is a staggering Take advantage of them just like they do with us. The fundamental thesis here is this: Calling CBS on speakerphone as I post this. In parallel, I met with friends on poker nights. On a more serious note, it is within the frontiers of the above-indicated limits of interpretation and adaptations of some common, but otherwise inoperative terms such as "rigged", that I formulated the main hypotheses of this investigation and subsequently tested them. Why would Stars rig it?? This is a myth and that cannot be explained objectively. Unbeatable Bots Will Be Invented In isolated matches, poker bots have already been able to beat top pros over a large sample size. After all, accidents do indeed happen in nature. Whenever methodologically possible and always specified as such , the analysis is expanded to cover all hands played in both cash games and tournaments. Just check how many hands equilab simates to produce hand vs range equity. How the fuck do you go from finishing top ten in three straight tourneys, to not ever getting to the money again at this site? They just cannot wait to get you out of these tourneys. Again just now in a 9 player knockout table. Avoid small and obscure poker sites that have not been around very long or have a track record of slow payouts or other shenanigans. The one placed right below the o holding player. I get dealt guess what, AQ. As a third example, one of my luckiest hands on the platform, as captured by the HM2 2 software: So, even if your money disappears overnight to some low-life hacker, it is likely your funds will be reinstated. Thus, when you bump into an opponent with a higher pair, you will win more than It went around, and then this one player calls me a chicken, and then goes all in. But lets take what you are saying as true.